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A Healthy mind set is needed to trade in MCX, NSE, and Forex Trading

A Healthy Mind Set is needed to Trade in MCX, NSE and FOREX Markets

Why some people are giving outstanding performance in any area in which they wish to put themselves, and others cannot make this outstanding even though obvious talent? Studies shows that this is because of the way in which they think about their ability and they believe to do their best. There are two kind of mindset they are fixed mind set and growth mind set. We are born with certain kind of personality or ability and if we cannot change it by our growing time it is called fixed mind set. Growing mindset is the development of our ability or personality through hard work and effort. These are the two factors differentiate a successive person from a failure one. If the brain of the people with growth mindset is active then it can be said that they can improve. If we come in to trading we can see the same mentality. Trader should have a healthy mentality to grow his wealth to the extreme level.

Keep the following in your mind to be a disciplined trader.

  • Take the market as an opportunity.
  • Be responsible for your success and failure.
  • Try to make good trades through good strategies.
  • Consider the losses as a part of trade and learn from the fault.
  • Don’t approach personal towards the market make a professional approach.
  • Don’t be over exited or over depressed.

Market gives the same opportunity to all traders. All are trading with same commodity or stock with same prize and trend. But why only few are in profit and others are in loss. This is because of the difference in the approaches. So you must have to update with the market and find out the loopholes to overcome your usual losses. Majority of the loss are due to greed and fear. Many of them are enter in to the market only to become rich. Obviously they couldn’t satisfy the minimum profit. But such people should realize the fact that making profit in stock market can be compare with the collection of food of ant. There is a limit to hold everything if we try beyond that limit definitely will fail. At the same time you will face some situation in which you take risk. If you are not doing that at the time it will cause to loss you. Use trading as an opportunity to put your effort and hard work to build a better carrier rather than make instant growth in your investment.

Market gives you a vast opportunity to make money. If one does trade in a disciplined way then there will never arise the chance to blame the market, government or anyone else. Focus the market and don’t fail to recognize them.

Now days there are a wide collection of trading tools in the market.  Majority of the traders are using them. Yes, they are able to give good result as your expectation. As you know humans have a tendency to put the reason of their mistake on the head of others. All the traders enter in to the market by accepting the truth that market will never go as per our wish. In some cases market will go reverse at that time trader usually blame the supportive tools that they were used. It may be the indicator, or the individuals. This is not a professional approach. If you are professionally approach trading you should accept full responsibility for your success and failure.

A good trader is one that follows your rules, regardless of whether it is profitable. For a trader, making good trades are important than making profit. Because every trader will adapt trading strategies for their selves to exists in the world of trading.  There is a saying “try again and again until you get succeed”. Yes, you should try at your best level that is the success of good trader. So ride many ride as possible you can. Don’t forget to avoid over trade. Use derivatives, it will help you to make profit in all kind of market. So the trader need to do is, observe the market all the time to get better opportunities. Don’t try to impose your will on the market.

To win in your trading you should careful about your trading and treat every trade is just another trade. For that you can use money management techniques. Don’t use over leverage and should keep certain rules try to take losses in your trade to understand why the market is against you. Each and Every loss teaches you most important trading lessons. Then you can realize the fact that losses are normal and thus you must be financially and emotionally prepared for them.

Some days may show good trends in the market they are called as trendy day. As a trader you should know what the primary trend is and continue with the current trend. When you become extremely stressful? a trader become extremely stressful when he doing counter trading. Means, buy at a dip on a down trend day. With an expectation of a bounce after so many days down trend traders go for a counter trend. To become relax at this time you must do scalping 10/20c here and there.

Like every competitions trading also have winners and losers. You will sad while your friend win in a competition. It’s a human nature. But in case of trading there is no reason to worry about the winners or losers in the market. We don’t know personally the winners or losers. At the same time don’t forget to reduce your over excitement about the winners and depression about the losers. If you are a winner try to keep going. If you are a looser try to understand the point in which you made mistake and improve yourself.

A healthy mind is also important like a healthy body. Especially in trading you should need a good and perfect mind set which is able to guide you in to profit.

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Importance of Support and Resistance in Stoploss Calculation

Important of Support and Resistance Levels in Calculation of Stop Loss in Trading

There are several methods for the calculation of Stop Loss values in Trading. Such as setting stop loss based on a percentage of your account, based on Support and Resistance from chart, based on price volatility, and based on time limit. Out of these more sensible way of setting Stop Loss would be to base it on Support and Resistance from chart. Before going to that let us have a look in to the support and resistance level.
The support and resistance are particular price points on a chart. Support is the price level at which more chance is to increase the price than declining. At this level demand is strong such as can expect more number of buyers. Usually support levels lie below the current market price. But sometimes it becomes very difficult to establish the correct support level from the chart. Support as its name suggest prevent price from falling further. Sometimes, price movements can be volatile and may briefly dip below the support. If the price closes 1/8 below the established support it does not seem logical to consider a support level broken. This is the reason that some traders establish support zones.
Likewise, resistance level is the price level at which more chance is to decrease the price than increasing it. At the resistance level number of sellers is more than number of buyers. Unlike support level resistance level is always above the current market price. Resistance as its name suggest prevent the price from rising further. The support often acts as a trigger to buy similarly, resistance often acts as a trigger to sell. How to identify this support and resistance level is obviously the next question. The identification process is simple and same for both support and resistance.
There are four steps to construct the support and resistance levels. They are
1. Load data points
2. At least three price action zones identification
3. Alignment of the price action zones
4. Fit a horizontal line
Step 1
In order to identify short term stop loss and resistance level load minimum 3-6 months data point. And to identify long term stop loss and target load minimum 12-18 months data points. Usually swing traders use long term support and resistance points. For day trading and BTST trading short term support and resistance level is used.
Step 2
Identification of the three price action zones such as
• The zone at which after a brief up move the price hesitated to move up
• The zone at which after a brief down move the price hesitated to move down
• Sharp reversals zones at specific price point
Step 3
The identification of same price action zones that are at the same price level. But it is very important to note that these price zones are well spaced in time. That is if the first price action zone is identified on second week on June, then it will be meaningful to identify the second price action zone at any point after 4th week on June. If the distance is more the S&R identification becomes more powerful.
Step 4
Connect the three price action zones around the same price levels with a straight horizontal line. So we get a price value. By comparing this price value with the current market price it become either resistance or support point. The support and resistance points are only indicate possible price reversals. This cannot be considering as certain. Like other tools in technical analysis, one should balance the possibility of an event occurring in terms of probability.
For a successful technical analysis the identification of support and resistance is an essential key point. You may face some difficulties to track the correct support and resistance levels. However, better awareness about support and resistance locations and their existence can greatly boost your analysis and forecasting abilities. The breakout of a resistance level is a sign of increased selling pressure and potential reversal. The breaking of support and resistance level indicates that the relationship between supply and demand has been changed. Resistance breakout means demand has gained the upper hand similarly support breakout means supply (bears) has won the battle.
How to set stop loss based on support and resistance level?
Now let us discuss how you can calculate stop loss values based on the support and resistance level. Taking chart saying stop loss is a more sensible stop loss determination way. But you might always be aware about the market. While observing the market movements you can see different varieties of price actions. One is that price stick on some certain levels not push or break beyond from that level.
For a trader it is always better to place stop loss beyond support and resistance levels. Often think that a break of support and resistance area will bring large number of traders to play the break and further push your position against you. On the other hand if those levels do break, then there may be forces that you are unaware of sudden up/down movements of the market.
It seems that the market moves up and then you decided to go for a long trade. But before you go for a long trade ask the following questions to your mind

• Where I could set my stop loss?
• What conditions would tell me when my original trade idea is invalidated?

If you take a long call then set your stop loss below support area and trend line. In this case, if the market moves into these areas which implies your trade idea was invalidated. So exit the trade and accept the loss.
Similarly in the case of a short call set your stop loss above the resistance areas and trend line.
Example: Long Crude Oil
The Crude Oil has been trending up. Price has hit the rising trend line a couple times which makes for a nice support level. You could place a long order right at the downtrend line (3650). Now, where you would you place your stop loss? Your stop loss would be placed at 3620. Notice how this is below the support area: the rising trend line. Let’s set profit targets at 3665 and 3675. The trade is triggered. The trend line holds as support and price rise.
Your first profit target is hit. The second profit target is missed by a single point but by that time, you had moved your stop loss to breakeven (where you entered long) so you lost nothing. This is an example of using support as a guide on where to place your stop instead of simply using a fixed number.

A direct stop loss displayed software is always useful for a trader

Is there any difference between Demat account and Trading account

Is there any difference between Demat Account and Trading Account?

There is hardly a question will arise in the mind of a new investor and also many other investors that, Is there any difference between the Trading account and Demat account? Before proceeding further everyone keeps in mind that trading account is the central point where the buy or sell activity takes place whereas demat account is a trading system facility.

Let’s take a look, consider you have money in your wallet. And you want to buy one packet of bread. Then you go to the shop and demand the seller one packet of bread, He provides it to you and you check the price details, and finalize your deal. Then, you take money from your wallet and give it to the seller. Here, in this example you are the trading account and your wallet is the demat account.

For online transactions in trade market, first you have to register with stock-exchange. For this, you can open an account with Brokers who trade on your behalf in the stock market. All the investment of a particular investor is listed in this account .This is the trading account. So this trading account acts as a platform for your buying or selling process. This account connects to the stock-exchange from where you can buy/sell. So as its name suggest a trading account is a trading platform where your buy/sell taking place. Whereas, demat account provides electronic share and security holding facility. Shares are bought and held in demat account while online trading and this provides easy trade to users. Actually demat account is a store room. Where you can store the investment details that one makes in shares, government securities, exchange traded funds, bonds and mutual funds. Like a bank locker, in your demat account you can keep all your valuables in electronic format.

According to SEBI act 1996, Demat account is a must for equity investors, by using demat account you can hold all your investment electronically. So that the physical securities and associated documentation can be eliminated. So the demat account reduces the paperwork and thus the entire transaction become fast. Physical copies associated with so many risk such as physical damage ,misplaced or lost ,and may get torn all these can be avoided by opening  a demat account and the dangers like  fake securities,  incomplete paperwork or  bad deliveries can also be avoided. Cost can also be reduced by using a demat account, the expenses like stamp duty, handling charges etc.

When you open a trading account first your fund transfer from your bank account to trading account and when you buy shares an equal amount of money will be deducted from your trading account also when you sell those shares an equal amount of money will be added to your account. Likewise in a demat account whenever you buy stocks that will be added to your account and when you sell stocks that will be taken away from your demat account .Actually trading account act as a link between demat account and bank account. Now a day’s banks offer 3-in-1 accounts in that account you will get all the three benefits from your broker. Account opening cost and fees will be higher than one who offers only Trading and Demat Account. However, if you are looking for convenience, then you can go for it.

The importance of accurate entry and exit point

The importance of accurate entry and exit point in right time while Trading

Recognizing a good entry point is the first step in achieving a successful trade. Entry point is the price at which an investor buy/sell an asset. And exit point is the price at which an investor exit from trade with profit or loss. Money management and determination of entry/exit points is the two half of trading like the two sides of a coin. The trader community has been extensively examined entry points with divergence/convergence phenomenon, but exit point has not received much attention because of its complication tendency. But inconsistencies which appear between price and everything else complicate trade timing. So to reduce the degree of uncertainty from our trades exclude price from all the calculations made. But it is not possible, since price is the only profit and loss determinant in our trades.  Your success or failure as a trader depends on your trade entries. One fault entry break your month in the market but a good entry will make your month in the market. Using better stop loss placement decrease your risk of being stopped out of a big move in the market. The risk reward potential of a trade can be significantly improve by a better trade entry.

Most of the traders make faults entry at the point where the market is already at or near the extreme high / lows from the recent state. Always traders take this decision when trend break the extreme high and continue with the expectation that the price will continue moving with the trend. But actually what will happening is when the price hits these areas, the price usually drops down into the previous range, all effect is losses. The reason for these losses is that the market will never move in the same direction after the trend reaches an extreme highs and lows. Such entry will always results in losses. The only way is to avoid such type of entry and if already entered in that point better is to exit with some loss by placing stoplosses.

Another loss entry occurs at the point if anyone trying to trade in line with the original moves where there is a large move but cannot be identify the reason behind this move. At this time the direction can change quickly and turn out to be a new move in the opposite direction. This will result in losses. Some of the traders use reversal strategy for trading. In reversal strategy traders take the trade with the expectation that market will change its trend from recent trend direction. Traders make use pivot point levels, Fibonacci levels. Trading reversals can only be used when the market is not trending in a clear direction, and should not be used in all market sessions.

Exits and entries are generally governed by fundamentals in the same way. You’re in a winning trade, and now you need to figure out how profitably you can exit the trade. You should plan your your exit point before your entry. Below we mention a number of different ways to exit as profit trade; no matter in your selection, the aim is to strike profit and not become so greedy the market is reversing on you.

Timing is always the top issue in trading. Since timing is the profit or loss determining variable, the emotional intensity of the decision is great. Every successful trader should achieve a degree of emotional control and confidence. Trade timing may give severe pressure to novice traders. But calm and patient attitude towards trading will never give a chance to develop. This problem can be avoided by control pressure at the trade time even at trading career start time. All these factors lead us to consider for trade timing the gradual method is the best one, while minimizing our risk.

How can become a profitable trader with the help of best technical analysis software. Follow are some good reads regarding this.

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Strategies of Scalping trading

Strategies of Scalping trading

There are different time frames are available in trading for the smooth running. It also help for achieving profit easily, They are one minute(M1), five minute(M5), 15 minute(M15), 30 minute(M30), one hour(H1), 4 hour(H4), one day(D1), 1 week(W1),  & one month(MN). M1 is for scalping trading in this time frame the price fluctuation is happen within a minute. M5 & M15 time frame can be used for day trading. M5 is the five minute price fluctuation & M15 is the 15 minute price fluctuation. M30 means 30 minute price fluctuation and so on.

Scalping has risk & rewards and you can trade more than one trade in a day. Scalping is very good for beginners. We can trade small trading in a day itself through this. That way we can achieve profits within seconds. Or a beginner can surely got success in his trading whether he starts his trades by scalping. Also we can control our emotions such as greed, fear etc by a small trading in scalping.

Scalping has some risk also. We can trade only by small amounts because there are so many profits & losses in a scalping trading. Small amounts are good for this. We cannot get full profits in scalping we got a loss also. If you trade with large amounts, then you got loss, and it will destroy your amount, whether it is large or small. If it is large amount our full amount lost within minute. Small amounts are always good for scalping.

Scalping is better for a day which the market have no much movement. In that day we can predict small movements through scalping. But it is not good for a day which the market has well up & down movement. If you are an experience trader, scalping is not good. Day trading or position trading is suitable for you. There are so many unnecessary entries are there in scalping. Experience trader has some confusion when he saw the sudden movement of scalping. Also have tendency to trade some unnecessary points.

Now in trading only 10% trader’s use scalp trading. The profit that we achieve through this is very small compared to others. Beginners also put their steps first to day trading or other. This may happen because of their greed mind. For earn more money with a single trade and this is the main harm in trading. It is the way that tends to big loss for a beginner. Avoid greed is the main need in trading only then we can achieve good profit. Other matter for avoiding scalping is the lazy mind for trade more than one in a day. Everyone had a mind that, I can earn money without much hard work. But it is the truth that, we cannot achieve money without any hard work.

This is the main reason for the ignorance of scalping. Nobody think about the benefit of scalping in this way many people lost their money. So my suggestion to everyone is that think before you do anything. Especially in trading, every minute is very important to you in trading. Not to be greed.

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RISK PER TRADE in Commodity/Share/Currency Markets

risk per trade in forex, mcx, nse

RISK PER TRADE in Commodity/Share/Currency Markets

A most important yet simple thought process that a trader can start with is learning how to determine how much equity to put into any one trade or position called risk per trade. How much to risk per trade is a concept that many novice traders fail to realize until it is way too late. They end up learning the exact wiring instructions on a regular basis to their brokerage account; the real hard cases end up remembering those instructions by heart. Once you learn and have the confidence to trade a system like technical analysis software which will help for best buy sell signal entries and exits or follow a trading plan with a set of conditions and specific rules, you still need to have an effective method for risk controls. A best technical analysis software will help you to control the risk in trading in FOREX, MCX, NSE, NCDEX, MCX SX, COMEX markets.

I would start by considering how much risk per trade I should use by looking at my overall account size, then at the market’s volatility and liquidity conditions, and then at a certain percentage of the overall account on a percentage basis. Let me show you what I mean; and when we go over various stop types and methods later in the book, you will be able to better comprehend my meaning. If a person wanting to start a day trading account begins with USD10,000 (INR 650000) and uses a 10 percent risk factor per trade based on the overall beginning equity size, if the first five trades go bad, then he or she has lost 50 percent of the overall account. Therefore, it is imperative that traders learn different techniques to protect their trading equity. Investors also need to know the number of positions with which they should start in connection to the account size and the point at which they add on to their contract lot or position size.

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  1. Use of Technical Analysis Software For Trade Success In FOREX, MCX, NSE (India)
  2. The best technical analysis and buy sell signal software for Indian stock Market
  3. What is Day Trading & How much can earn from Intra-Day Trading in MCX / NSE/ FOREX?


What is Day Trading & How much can earn from Intra-Day Trading in MCX / NSE/ FOREX?

est day trading software for best buy sell signals

What is day trading exactly and how to use a day trading software?

In brief, day trading refers to trading transactions performed on financial markets such as commodities/share/currecny markets within a time-restricted period of one trading day on the market. Put most plainly, it is the buying and selling of Stocks/Commodities/Currency Markets like MCX (India), NSE (India), NCDEX (India), MCX SX (India), FOREX, COMEX (USA),

How much can earn from Intra-Day Trading in MCX / NSE/ FOREX?

What is the bottom line, then? How much can you really earn? The simple answer is that day trading can yield unlimited earning potential in context of the opportunities presented in the market during that day. That is, you can you can make as much as you can imagine, but only within the limits of what is available in terms of market opportunities. The stories of individuals making thousands of dollars, tens of thousands on the strength of a single transaction on a given day are probabilistic-ally, and in actuality, true. The first and foremost thing you need for intra-day trading success is to get a best and accurate Intra-day trading software for your trading in MCX, NSE, FOREX markets. A best intra- day trading software will give highly accurate buy sell signals with most precise exits will help each trader to make profit from day trading.

But these outcomes are dependent on not only the quality of stocks up and their availability for trading during that specific day, but also to the amount of money in your account that you may leverage to move on those transactions. You can make only what the market allows. That being said, you can make a nice living. Think of it in a similar manner to professional gambling. These earners are NOT the fly-to-Vegas-for-a-wedding-and-and-hope-to-score-big types.

These are practiced, skilled, and knowledgeable practitioners who pay taxes on their earnings. The solid performing ones make over six figures a year, but can just as likely make just enough to pay their bills. This is not unlike other occupations that require skilled professionals leveraging experience against risk—professional gambler is pretty close to day trading in the professional profile, but by this definition, farmers and fishermen are similar. Think about it, if you planted crops or raised cattle or fished for tuna, are you EVER guaranteed a good season no matter how experienced, talented, or resourceful you are? Of course not, but do you stand a BETTER chance of making a living if you have good skills? Yes. This brings us full circle to the beginning of the book when you asked yourself the tough questions of whether you were a risk taker. Obviously, you are. But, do you have the temperament? You will need your steadfast self-discipline and your sense of fierce independence because it is possible and likely probable that you will lose. And perhaps even lose big. You will make many, many, cringe-inducing, stomach-churning mistakes. But if you follow the best Intra-day trading software which guide you for perfect buy sell signal entries and exits will ease your trading and guide you to make a professional Intra-day trader.

Seasoned traders do this all the time, you will be no different. Your goal should be to break even at the beginning (even if your OVERALL goal is to make money every day. What’s the good news? Well, people make money. They make a living; they may even make more than that. But overall, market access has transformed in the age of the internet and individuals talented and willing to ride the frenetic waves of the day to day trading will find that over time, the waves do even out and the market gains in value. And those are two key words—over time. So, be patient, be brave, and rest easy in the knowledge that you have embarked on this venture not solely to make money. You have chosen to make money in a very specific manner that speaks to you, that rings true with your risk-taking, self-disciplined, fiercely independent nature. And that is an experience that cannot be given a price.

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So, good luck, play hard, and make it a good day!

The best technical analysis and buy sell signal software for Indian stock Market

the best technical analysis and buy sell signal software for Indian stock market

SmarTrader, the best buy sell signal software with Most Advanced Technical Analysis

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