Strategies of Scalping trading

Strategies of Scalping trading

There are different time frames are available in trading for the smooth running. It also help for achieving profit easily, They are one minute(M1), five minute(M5), 15 minute(M15), 30 minute(M30), one hour(H1), 4 hour(H4), one day(D1), 1 week(W1),  & one month(MN). M1 is for scalping trading in this time frame the price fluctuation is happen within a minute. M5 & M15 time frame can be used for day trading. M5 is the five minute price fluctuation & M15 is the 15 minute price fluctuation. M30 means 30 minute price fluctuation and so on.

Scalping has risk & rewards and you can trade more than one trade in a day. Scalping is very good for beginners. We can trade small trading in a day itself through this. That way we can achieve profits within seconds. Or a beginner can surely got success in his trading whether he starts his trades by scalping. Also we can control our emotions such as greed, fear etc by a small trading in scalping.

Scalping has some risk also. We can trade only by small amounts because there are so many profits & losses in a scalping trading. Small amounts are good for this. We cannot get full profits in scalping we got a loss also. If you trade with large amounts, then you got loss, and it will destroy your amount, whether it is large or small. If it is large amount our full amount lost within minute. Small amounts are always good for scalping.

Scalping is better for a day which the market have no much movement. In that day we can predict small movements through scalping. But it is not good for a day which the market has well up & down movement. If you are an experience trader, scalping is not good. Day trading or position trading is suitable for you. There are so many unnecessary entries are there in scalping. Experience trader has some confusion when he saw the sudden movement of scalping. Also have tendency to trade some unnecessary points.

Now in trading only 10% trader’s use scalp trading. The profit that we achieve through this is very small compared to others. Beginners also put their steps first to day trading or other. This may happen because of their greed mind. For earn more money with a single trade and this is the main harm in trading. It is the way that tends to big loss for a beginner. Avoid greed is the main need in trading only then we can achieve good profit. Other matter for avoiding scalping is the lazy mind for trade more than one in a day. Everyone had a mind that, I can earn money without much hard work. But it is the truth that, we cannot achieve money without any hard work.

This is the main reason for the ignorance of scalping. Nobody think about the benefit of scalping in this way many people lost their money. So my suggestion to everyone is that think before you do anything. Especially in trading, every minute is very important to you in trading. Not to be greed.

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