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A Healthy mind set is needed to trade in MCX, NSE, and Forex Trading

A Healthy Mind Set is needed to Trade in MCX, NSE and FOREX Markets

Why some people are giving outstanding performance in any area in which they wish to put themselves, and others cannot make this outstanding even though obvious talent? Studies shows that this is because of the way in which they think about their ability and they believe to do their best. There are two kind of mindset they are fixed mind set and growth mind set. We are born with certain kind of personality or ability and if we cannot change it by our growing time it is called fixed mind set. Growing mindset is the development of our ability or personality through hard work and effort. These are the two factors differentiate a successive person from a failure one. If the brain of the people with growth mindset is active then it can be said that they can improve. If we come in to trading we can see the same mentality. Trader should have a healthy mentality to grow his wealth to the extreme level.

Keep the following in your mind to be a disciplined trader.

  • Take the market as an opportunity.
  • Be responsible for your success and failure.
  • Try to make good trades through good strategies.
  • Consider the losses as a part of trade and learn from the fault.
  • Don’t approach personal towards the market make a professional approach.
  • Don’t be over exited or over depressed.

Market gives the same opportunity to all traders. All are trading with same commodity or stock with same prize and trend. But why only few are in profit and others are in loss. This is because of the difference in the approaches. So you must have to update with the market and find out the loopholes to overcome your usual losses. Majority of the loss are due to greed and fear. Many of them are enter in to the market only to become rich. Obviously they couldn’t satisfy the minimum profit. But such people should realize the fact that making profit in stock market can be compare with the collection of food of ant. There is a limit to hold everything if we try beyond that limit definitely will fail. At the same time you will face some situation in which you take risk. If you are not doing that at the time it will cause to loss you. Use trading as an opportunity to put your effort and hard work to build a better carrier rather than make instant growth in your investment.

Market gives you a vast opportunity to make money. If one does trade in a disciplined way then there will never arise the chance to blame the market, government or anyone else. Focus the market and don’t fail to recognize them.

Now days there are a wide collection of trading tools in the market.  Majority of the traders are using them. Yes, they are able to give good result as your expectation. As you know humans have a tendency to put the reason of their mistake on the head of others. All the traders enter in to the market by accepting the truth that market will never go as per our wish. In some cases market will go reverse at that time trader usually blame the supportive tools that they were used. It may be the indicator, or the individuals. This is not a professional approach. If you are professionally approach trading you should accept full responsibility for your success and failure.

A good trader is one that follows your rules, regardless of whether it is profitable. For a trader, making good trades are important than making profit. Because every trader will adapt trading strategies for their selves to exists in the world of trading.  There is a saying “try again and again until you get succeed”. Yes, you should try at your best level that is the success of good trader. So ride many ride as possible you can. Don’t forget to avoid over trade. Use derivatives, it will help you to make profit in all kind of market. So the trader need to do is, observe the market all the time to get better opportunities. Don’t try to impose your will on the market.

To win in your trading you should careful about your trading and treat every trade is just another trade. For that you can use money management techniques. Don’t use over leverage and should keep certain rules try to take losses in your trade to understand why the market is against you. Each and Every loss teaches you most important trading lessons. Then you can realize the fact that losses are normal and thus you must be financially and emotionally prepared for them.

Some days may show good trends in the market they are called as trendy day. As a trader you should know what the primary trend is and continue with the current trend. When you become extremely stressful? a trader become extremely stressful when he doing counter trading. Means, buy at a dip on a down trend day. With an expectation of a bounce after so many days down trend traders go for a counter trend. To become relax at this time you must do scalping 10/20c here and there.

Like every competitions trading also have winners and losers. You will sad while your friend win in a competition. It’s a human nature. But in case of trading there is no reason to worry about the winners or losers in the market. We don’t know personally the winners or losers. At the same time don’t forget to reduce your over excitement about the winners and depression about the losers. If you are a winner try to keep going. If you are a looser try to understand the point in which you made mistake and improve yourself.

A healthy mind is also important like a healthy body. Especially in trading you should need a good and perfect mind set which is able to guide you in to profit.

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