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Day trading strategies

Day trading strategies

According to trading system day trading or intraday means the trading happens in a day itself, both buy & sell acts in the same day.  Every one think that it is an easy game or it is the simplest segment in trading. But it is a dangerous game to those people, who are new in trading, because as beginner there are so many lessons is there to study before entering into it. Now we can go through some methods to remember.As a trader, he not only aware about the trading tips but also need to know about the latest news & events happen in share market on up to date basis. Doing your home work regularly is the essential thing that you need. Another factor is that you should always bother about the money that you wish to deposit before entering into trading. Otherwise the loss happen unfortunately to you is unpredictable. Always keep a minimum balance in your account.

Time is very important in day trading, there many sudden movements happen in day trading. So you should always aware about your market. Not select day trading as your trading segment if you not have much time to spend in a day, need full concentration in the market  because the good opportunities  happen in day trading is unpredictable. Other one is to remember is that not to trade with large amount & not trade more than one (means one buy & sell) in a day if you are fresher.  Related to NSE stock market not to select pour companies share, because of not having much asset there is a chance is there to lose our money in any time during the market movement.According to a beginner, morning time is not suitable for buy & sell, because morning movements of market are fluctuated ones, means they are unpredictable. Every time is chance is there to move oppositely.  So avoid morning signals & confirmations, select trading after one or two hours from the market movement starts.

The other important thing that we need to remember is that put a stop loss or executes order for avoiding unnecessary loss, not to select much long points as execute, only select a limited point. Then any opposite movement happens your trade executes in your order & you can achieve profit.The other reality is always needed to remember that achieving loss & profit is the part of our trading. All of them know that winning & failing is part of game. Not a common person wins all the games. It changes according to the situation or luck. This same strategy happens in trading. Not get profit or not get loss to us in all time; it may changes according to our situation & luck, so if you got loss in one time no need to worry about it surely there is a chance is there to you in next time. Only thing that need is avoid careless loss, for that we always aware about entry & exit point. 90% of loss we can reduce by this.Not to a greedy man when the market had good deviation. Try to trade with a cool and relaxed mind. Not to go with the highest points of market deviation without obeying the rules & regulations. Trade in correct point that we got all confirmations. You should always have a clear picture about your entry & exit points in trading.

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